These boats have an inflatable collar attached to a stiff fiberglass hull, as their name would imply. Due to this, the hull might have a standard deep V shape at the bow before flattening out to a common planning section at the rear. The idea combines the well-known stability and buoyancy of an inflatable boat with the superb handling qualities of a traditional fiberglass hull. The bigger boats in this size range offer a variety of console arrangements, seating options, and other conveniences like built-in storage lockers, among many other features generally seen on bigger fiberglass boats.

Increased performance and handling, as well as versatility, stability, and passenger comfort, are immediate advantages of the RIB. Due to its float, stability, and safety, larger RIBs make ideal watersports or fishing boats, while smaller rigid-hulled inflatables make good yacht tenders for larger yachts. The seaworthiness, safety, and stability of RIBs have been acknowledged by numerous rescue and military organizations, who use them for a variety of purposes. Additionally, many RIBs have detachable collars, which makes storage, maintenance, and repairs considerably simpler and more practical.