defender fully inflatable military boats

Mako Defender Range of inflatables boats are used in various applications, from harbor patrol, law enforcement, defence, coastal security, military tactical operations and other critical operations.

Mako’s Fully Inflatable Defender military boats have been tested in Diverse Marine Conditions – Made for Military Tactical Operations. The MAKO Defender Range of Fully Inflatable Military Boats have been used and developed over time for various African Military and Police Special Force units to be used in all marine environments (sea, inland lakes and rivers throughout Africa). It is the only craft of its type that can be transported by road or air into any area and be deployed to carry combatants in a variety of missions. The hull shape is especially important as it can get a large load on the plane as well as give the pilot unsurpassed maneuverability in various and dangerous conditions.

  • Heavy-duty fabric (1670 dtx hypalon) combined with high-quality manufacturing processes.
  • Durability unmatched in the market
  • Fast deployment and mobilization.
  • High standards of materials and equipment used
  • Suited to all kinds of missions

mako's supply chain

(from factory to client)
  1. We offer to transport the boats by sea, land or air and deliver the boats equipment directly to the client.
  2. On delivery we fly in country and assist the clients with unpackaging procedures and basic boat assembly instructions.
  3. We also offer additional full training courses on the use, maintenance and service of the boats and equipment.
Makos Supply Chain Diagram

Mako defender 470 (rapid inflation boat)

Mako defender 470 specifications
Bow lifting D-ring1
Bow cleat1
Bow storage pocket1
Lateral carrying handle12
Lateral storage pocket2
Exterior life line2
Interior life line2
Motor pad1
Davit lifting U-bolt2
Towing O-bolt2
Fuel tank tie down3
Compressed air cylinder protection cover1
High pressure inflation system1
Foot pump1
Repair kit1
HPIS manifold1
HPIS manifold protection cover1
Cylinder protection cover1
Boat carrying bag1


Aluminum rigid floorboards (2 boards + 3 panels)1
Aluminum slat roll-up floor w/ 11 slats1
Fast deflation kit1
Under water cache kit1
Luxfer compressed air cylinder (200 / 300 bar)1
Dive Co2 cylinder (5.1 / 7.1 L)1
Portable compressor connected to cylinder1
Watertight bow bag1
Waterproof OBM bag1
Flexible fuel tank (6 USG – 22.7 L)1
Flexible fuel bladder 6 USG (22.7 L)1
Davit lifting slings (4 points)1
Hand pump1
Boat cover1

defender fully inflatable military boats General Specifications

Max number of persons6
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel600kg
Overall length3.8m
Overall width1.74m
Weight empty82kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder14.2kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.46m
Total Packing CBM0.5
Max number of persons8
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel950kg
Overall length4.3m
Overall width1.88m
Weight empty132kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder14.2kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.48m
Total Packing CBM1.3
Max number of persons9
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1200kg
Overall length4.7m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty162kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder15.3kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.36
Max number of persons11
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1500kg
Overall length5.0m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty189kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder20kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.55
Max number of persons15
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel2300kg
Overall length5.85m
Overall width2.48m
Weight empty268kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder28kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.63m
Total Packing CBM1.8


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