In the early days, inflatable boats were developed for use only in the navy for transporting cargo as well as other applications. As time went by, when the stability, flotation and seaworthiness of inflatable boats became well known, emergency and rescue agencies around the world began using them as tenders on their large vessels.
Today, security, rescue, military and other agencies around the world all use inflatable boats, particularly RHIBs and RIBs, for many applications in their inshore and offshore activities. Some of the many applications of inflatable boats that are built by Mako Marine Africa include:
• Army/Navy transport
• Special military ops.
• Security Patrol
• Fisheries patrol
• Law enforcement
• Yacht tenders
• Pleasure boating
• Scuba diving
• Fishing and hunting
• Watersports
• Search and Rescue
• Emergency lifeboats
• Workboat applications (oil and gas)
• Personnel ferrying