The Mako emergency response fully inflatable boats range has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of Search & Rescue Organizations throughout the World.

Our emergency response fully inflatable boats are highly portable and can be packed into small sizes allowing them to be easily transported into any area/situation to be rapidly deployed within minutes.

  • High-resistance light fabric (1050 g/m2) & Essential equipment
  • Easy to fold and to carry – Compact and light structures
  • Fast-deployment boats for rescuers
  • Tube shape & limited freeboard combined with great stability
  • Easy to recover a man overboard
  • Optimized hull design
  • Highly maneuverable and efficient in shallow waters
  • Reinforced below the water line to prevent damage to the boat during rescue missions.

emergency response fully inflatable boats General Specifications

Max number of persons6
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel600kg
Overall length3.8m
Overall width1.74m
Weight empty82kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.46m
Total Packing CBM0.5
Max number of persons7
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel630kg
Overall length4.0m
Overall width1.78m
Weight empty89kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.46m
Total Packing CBM0.55
Max number of persons8
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel950kg
Overall length4.3m
Overall width1.88m
Weight empty132kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.48m
Total Packing CBM1.3
Max number of persons9
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1200kg
Overall length4.7m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty162kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.36
Max number of persons11
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1500kg
Overall length5.0m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty189kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.55
Max number of persons15
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel2300kg
Overall length5.85m
Overall width2.48m
Weight empty268kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.63m
Total Packing CBM1.8

mako africa emergency response boats

Mako Marine Africa specializes in military and commercial RIBS and fully inflatables, custom built boats, boat repairs and boat training. Our unique business model allows for unprecedented levels of customization for specialized boats required for most applications and industries.

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