Mako Africa high speed rescue and emergency boats

At Mako we offer specialised services to our commercial and military clients through our range of high speed rescue and emergency boats, these boats are specially customized to each clients unique needs. Our clients have a wide range of variety to choose from, we have – special high speed rescue boats, rescue crafts, surf lifesaving boats, emergency reponse boats, fully inflatable surf rescue boats and fully inflatable emergency response boats

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High Speed Rescue

Emergency Response

Mako Africa rescue and emergency boats

rescue boat is a vessel designed to assist during rescue operations and to rescue sailors in distress during an emergency. These boats are designed for the sole purpose of rescuing people and hence are decked with features that will enable it to do the same. Rescue boats consist of inflatable boats and lifeboats. At Mako we ensure that you get the best out of your emergency boat, with our team of highly trained personell.

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