Titan Fully Inflatable Commercial boats

Heavy Duty

Mako Fully Inflatable Commercial boats (Titan – Heavy Duty) are a unique range of inflatable’s. Designed to carry heavy loads at planning speeds, thanks to their proven hull shape, they have been tested on multiple sites and applications over many years. Mako uses a unique hull design to get the boat on the plane, even under heavy loads.

Mako Fully Inflatable Commercial boats (Titan range) are built using heavy duty materials and are reinforced throughout making them suitable for extreme service. Even at sizes up to 5.5m, they can still be rolled up into a bag and thrown into the back of a pickup truck or aircraft.

  • Heavy-duty fabric (1450 g/m2)
  • Robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong hard decks & large interior space
  • Performance in carrying heavy loads
  • Safety, stability
  • Bulky load capability
  • Optimized hull shapes
  • Performance with reduced engine power
  • Foldable and compact for east of shipping and transporting

titan Fully inflatable commercial boats General Specifications

Max number of persons6
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel600kg
Overall length3.8m
Overall width1.74m
Weight empty82kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder14.2kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.46m
Total Packing CBM0.5
Max number of persons8
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel950kg
Overall length4.3m
Overall width1.88m
Weight empty132kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder14.2kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.48m
Total Packing CBM1.3
Max number of persons9
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1200kg
Overall length4.7m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty162kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder15.3kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.36
Max number of persons11
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel1500kg
Overall length5.0m
Overall width2.18m
Weight empty189kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder20kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.56m
Total Packing CBM1.55
Max number of persons15
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel2300kg
Overall length5.85m
Overall width2.48m
Weight empty268kg
Weight Compressed air cylinder28kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter0.63m
Total Packing CBM1.8


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titan fully inflatable commercial range ofboats BUILT IN AFRICA, FOR AFRICA

Our fully  inflatable commercial high speed boats (Titan – Heavy Duty) are built with the commercial industry in mind, they are built as working boats for our clients across the industry. Through the implementation of innovative design our experienced team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers will find a way to design any craft to suit our customer requirements.

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