These days, different types of inflatable boats are available ranging from canoes and kayaks for exercise, inflatable boats for water skiing and fishing to a floating ‘island’ with shaded areas where you can relax. If you want your boat to last for a longer period of time, then make sure you take proper care of it and follow a strict maintenance routine. If you do not take proper care, then chances are that the material will develop weakness and get punctured easily, which in turn will make the boat unsafe for use. Here are some maintenance tips for inflatable boats shared. Information credit:

1. Clean the boat

Proper cleaning is the first step to maintenance. Straight from day one, follow a cleaning routine. In this case, remember that not all cleaning products are good for your boat, as they can damage the material of your inflatable boat. If the cleaning agents you use contain ingredients such as acetone, ammonia, bleach and MEK, and have a pH greater than 11.5 then you will end up weakening the material and reducing its lifespan. The same will be the effect if you use abrasive steel wool or scrub pads for cleaning. Use products that are especially made for cleaning inflatable boats. Also, it is important that you rinse your boat thoroughly after every use.

2. Store the boat with care

When you are not using the inflated boat, the best thing to do is store it partially inflated. If your boat is completed deflated, then the chances of damage will increase. In case you have limited space and cannot keep the boat partially inflated, then what you have to do is to ensure that it’s completely clean and dry. Then, following the instructions, you have to roll it and store in the bag that you got with it. Make sure not to fold the boat while storing, as the folds can cause serious long-term damage to the material.

3. Keep away from sharp objects

Sharp objects are the most obvious threat to inflatable boats. If you leave objects such as oars, knives, ropes and fish hooks to rub against the material of the boat, then it can cause abrasion and eventually give way. Of course, it is quite hard to keep boats away from sharp objects, as at thedock there are jutting wood or barnacles and at beaches there are shells and rocks that can tear the material of the boat. So you have to be extra careful to lessen the risk to the boat.

4. Don’t over-inflate

If you over-inflate your boat, it will cause a lot of damage. Inflate in a way that the boat hasstill a little to give. If your boat is over-inflated, it can explode if struck.

With these care and maintenance tips in mind, your inflatable boat can have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.