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We had a vessel requirement for a large scope of work that would normally be found in 3 separate vessels. The challenge was to fit them into one.

The brief was rescue, fire fighting, crew delivery, tow boat, mooring lift and inspection and general work boat, made from an all environment no maintenance material.

Contact was made with Mako Marine Africa and after some clear communication with Mark it was evident that he was very enthusiastic to meet our challenge. He was not trying to fit our needs into his boat, but very passionate about creating a vessel to precisely fit our needs.

I was invited to visit the factory in Cape Town to see what they do and meet the design team to formulate what was required. I must say from the shop floor to the design team they all complement each other at a very professional level and the result certainly exceeded expectations.

It was a complete cradle to grave experience, culminating in an extremely well built and functional vessel that we are excited to use on a daily basis.

I would not hesitate recommending Mako Marine as I’m sure we will be using them again for our future needs.

Mr Jack Austin

Mozambique Operations Manager, 750 MAKO HDPE® Buyer

Our company was asked by one of our long standing clients to supply  a design and quote for 12 x Commercial grade fully inflatable boats.

We contacted several manufacturers for quotations and design specifications. Mako replied immediately and offered valuable input to the type and design of boat required by our clients.  We dealt personally with Mark Louw from Mako Africa and throughout the lengthy process, we received prompt response and reply from him.

We gave Mako, our clients user requirements. Mako then sent us a design based on the information acquired (this included environmental conditions)
Based on the information and design specifications sent by Mako, we were awarded the project and received the purchase order.

Mako manufactured, pre-tested and delivered all 12 boats directly to the client for inspection. Each boat was very professionally packed into individual boat bags and the boat, floor boards and boat parts were packed into wooden crates.

We requested an approved training course from Mako on the use, maintenance and repair of the boats in Cape Town. Mako assisted with accommodation and transport for 9 persons who successfully attended a 5 day training course held by Mako.

During the use of the boats, we experienced some small warranty issues and Mako attended to these issues in a very prompt and responsible way.

Our clients are very happy with their boats and we are on standby to receive additional orders from them.

Mako In Country Agent

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