MAKO Fully Inflatable Mk5 HS Racer

As a result of eighteen years of experience developing boats in stringent racing conditions, the Mako Mk-5 Fully Inflatable Racing Boat surpasses any other craft in its class in strength, durability, and handling. The Mk-5 Fully Inflatable Racing Boat has a unique tunnel hull design created from a mixture of aero and hydrodynamics which causes a phenomenal, almost flying effect at full speeds. The craft is stable and responsive at speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour. The tunnel helps to stabilize the boat when running in rough water, and to maintain a level angle of attack even when the boat is airborne. The Mk-5 Racing Boat enters and exits the water on a level plane and when returning to the water, the tunnel compresses the air underneath, thereby softening the landing.

Latest Test Results achieved on Flat Water:
Using a standard 50hp Yamaha with a 18″ Cleaver prop

106km/h was achieved with 2 people on board (pilot & crew)


  • Racing
  • Special Forces Military applications
  • Anti Piracy, anti poaching and drug enforcement.
Mako Fully Inflatable Mk5 HS Racer

Mako Race Boat

Max number of persons 6
Max payload-Inc Engine & Fuel 500kg
Overall length 4.2m
Overall width 2.0m
Weight empty 80kg
Buoyancy Tube Diameter 0.53m
Folded Dimensions-inc floorboard 1.8mx0.95m
Inflation Chambers/Safety
Main Tube compartments 4
Amount of Inflation Valves 4
Amount of Safety Valves (3 bar) 4
Speed Tubes (Hi-jackers) 2
Engine Capacity
Shaft length Short-15″
Max Power 50hp/37kW
Max engine weight 105kg
Options of tube fabric:
Tube fabric-Neoprene 1100 dtx
Tube fabric-Durotex-heat welded 1050 gm2
All wear areas below waterline Reinforced
Rigid Floor-GRP 3 Sections
Rigid Floor-Marine Ply (Covered) 3 Sections
Handles and footstraps
Carrying Handles (moulded) 4
Footstraps (Material) 4
Exterior Lifeline 2
Pasenger front rope & handle 1
Transom Aluminium
Water Deflector fitted to transom
Bailers-Large self bailer Wash Thru
Engine mounting Plate 2
Transom-S/S towing D-Ring 2
Self-righting bag with rope 1
Storage bag for medical equip 2
Paddles-Wooden in bag 2
Emergancy Repair kit 1
Double Action Fast Inflate Pump 1