MAKO SeaHunter Aluminium Ribs



Strength and modular construction design – the MAKO SeaHunter Aluminium Ribs are built for demanding professional and military users and designed to be strong and reliable. Our D-SHAPE tube technology increases the useable deck area substantially. The collar can be removed to enable necessary maintenance. All our aluminium decks are designed to have integrated deck tracks, allowing rapid re-configuration to suit the user. It is fully versatile and capable multi-role boat that is ease in all sea conditions.

All hulls are fabricated from 5083/5754 Marine Grade Aluminium ensuring that whilst our boats are relatively light they are extremely robust, standing up to years of use (and in some cases abuse) in a multitude of countries, without the common maintenance problems found in glass fibre and inflatable boats.

The aluminium hull is capable of facing the hardest sea conditions and the inflatable D-shape collar technology increases significantly the usable deck area.


The bolt on foam collars offers additional buoyancy, protection when buffering against other vessels, stability, Ballistic protection and almost indestructible material qualities.

Additional and reserve buoyancy is achieved by the installation of SPX33 closed cell buoyancy medium in all the voids under the deck.

It should be noted that only SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) approved buoyancy systems are utilized by MAKO.

SeaHunter is used by:

MAKO SeaHunter Aluminium Ribs are used by many countries across Africa and are also regularly purchased by the United Nations, Petroleum Companies, Fish Farms, Conservation, Police and Defence Departments as well as Mining and Construction Companies where they have earned a reputation for quality of build and toughness.

Mako Aluminium Ribs for Military applications

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminium hull, deck and internal structure
  •  Self-draining deck
  • Safe (Self righting system, rope guard, etc.)
  • Integrated professional features (bow box, transom well, under-deck cabling, in-hull fuel system, free deck, etc.)
  • Inflatable D-Shape collar technology (Increase of the usable interior space)
  • Durable-design equipment (specifically designed tow and bow posts, rope-guard, roll-bar, T-Top, etc.)
  • In or Out-board engine configuration
  • Removable tubes, deck hatch access
  • Versatile platform (large and flexible interior space with deck tracks)