Mako New Builds

At MAKO, we believe in building customer relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships.

We are continually working to offer products and services to meet market needs, recognizing that our success is dependent upon our customer’s satisfaction. MAKO follows an on-going program of continuous improvement in all facets of business and operations we strive for constant: Enhancements in product – to remain at the forefront of a competitive market place.

Our New Builds combine cutting edge technology and design software by experienced naval architects to develop state of the art craft that can accomplish any role.

Our experienced team of Naval Architects use state of the art 3-dimensional computer aided engineering (CAD) software allowing us to fully model craft prior to manufacturing.

MAKO employs the services of skilled specialists including advanced composite moulders using exotic fibre reinforced plastic materials or aerospace grade fabricators working with stainless steel, and aluminium. We only specify the best quality materials and components for our craft construction.

Our teams of marine architects are experienced in a wide range of disciplines from hull design through to prototype testing and classification compliance.

  • Our CAD’S also allows concepts to be rapidly produced for evaluation purposes allowing clients to accurately visualize their proposed craft.

In house electrical engineering design and development keeps MAKO at the forefront of electrical systems engineering focusing on system reliability and maintainability, adhering to relevant international standards at all times.

custom1-150x150“Ultimately no application is impossible. Through the implementation of innovative design our experienced team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers will find a way to design a craft to suit our customer requirements.”