Mako Marine Health


Mako Marine Health has recognized the need for various waterborne marine platforms to be used by the local health sectors to provide Health Solutions for its population living along the waterways and in its hard to reach areas. We have developed complete Health Platform Solutions that can provide basic and critical medical care for the sector of the population that live along the waterways outside of the cities and larger established developments. Our focus is on Africa and other countries that require simple and effective Mobile Health Platforms

Range of Mako Marine Ambulance Vessels

10m GRP FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat pdf-download-icon
11m Aluminium FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat  pdf-download-icon
12m Medical Modcat  pdf-download-icon
11m Landing Craft  pdf-download-icon
13m Ambulance/ Search and Rescue (Foilcat)  pdf-download-icon
22m Modular Floating Clinic
12m Fire and Rescue