MAKO Land Based Health


Potential of Land Based Health Platforms:

Greater understanding and support for the growth of land based health initiatives in a variety of health, education in health, and environmental sectors has the potential to contribute to the improvement of interrelated health outcomes in Indigenous communities.

Land based health platforms can be applied in modern-day contexts to provide a platform that takes health solutions to Indigenous communities.

Our land based health solutions are designed to be practical and mobile with emphasis on successful deployment into remote areas around the world.


Range of Mako Land Based Medical Solutions

  • Emergency Container (Fully equipped)
  • Mobile Surgery unit
  • High Roof Ambulance
  • Full Equipped medical Trailers
  • Mobile Clinic Trailer
  • Mobile Dental and Eye clinic
  • Mobile Water plants,
  • Modular Rural Ambulance
  • Mobile Incident/Disaster command unit
  • Mobile Floating Clinic


Range of Mako Marine land based medical solutions

Emergency container pdf-download-icon
High roof ambulance pdf-download-icon
Mobile Clinic Trailer pdf-download-icon
Mobile Clinic pdf-download-icon
Mobile Water plants pdf-download-icon
Modular Rural Ambulance pdf-download-icon
Mobile Incident/Disaster command unit pdf-download-icon