Specialized High Density Foam Aluminium (HDFA) Craft


The hull of our High Density Foam Aluminium (HDFA) Craft is a Cathedral configuration fabricated from 4mm reinforced Marine grade aluminium plates. The main features of this hull form are:

  1. Superior performance in choppy conditions when compared to a flat bottomed boats
  2. superior stability as compared to a similar sized V-hull
  3. Fast onto the plane.

At speed, air is introduced under the hull reducing friction and softening the ride.  In tight turns the multiple keels helping the boat “grip” the water.

When beaching on soft sand or mud the multiple keels help break the vacuum effect, between the bottom plates and the sand/mud, making it easier to re-launch.

Helm Console  

The compact Aluminium helm console is an ergonomically designed unit

It ensures a comfortable steering position with ample space for engine instrumentation.

The starting battery, in its ventilated PVC battery box, is located in the Helm Console

Control cables/wiring pass from the console via conduits protecting the cables/wiring and ensuring a clean and safe deck.

The console can be repositioned according to the users requirement.


The bolt on foam collars offers additional buoyancy, protection when buffering against other vessels, stability, Ballistic protection and almost indestructible material qualities.

Additional and reserve buoyancy is achieved by the installation of SPX33 closed cell buoyancy medium in all the voids under the deck.

It should be noted that only SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) approved buoyancy systems are utilized by MAKO.

Bow Locker

Situated under the bow plate is a large storage area locker accessed by an Aluminium hatch.

This is an ideal place to store bulky items such as lifejackets or extra bullet proof vests.


No compromise – The HDFA Range is equipped with a fully welded 4.5mm deck, mounted above water level, resulting in a self-draining deck.

Hand Rails

Full length 25mm square handrails are provided on both sides of the boat. These provide security for passengers and are strong enough to use as securing points when mooring the vessel.

Specialised HDFA Riverine Craft